about me

Born 1969, Dalecarlia, Sweden and still living in the area.

Bachelor of fine Art / Art teacher and Special education teacher.

Today working with - meeting adults with intellectual disabilities. It’s both challenging, stimulating and great fun!

Art class with this group of people have learned me to losen up, to release and to see beyond all obstacles and rules in painting / making art. Not easy but when you are in that flow it gives such powerful feelings.

The shifting seasons, nature and the surroundings inspires a lot. After some quite devastating years there is a big need to paint now and to release whatever comes. I love it!

Collective exhibitions:

Leksand, Kulturhuset,1992

Sundsvall, kvinnodagen, 1996

Ludvika, Magasinet, 2002

Mora, Vårsalong tema “möten”, 2017

Falun, Studio Vi, Näringslivets hus, Falun "6 egensinnliga uttryck", 2019

Separate exhibitions:

Galleri Maud, Högfjällshotellet, 1999

Studio Vi, Näringslivets hus, Falun, 2017

Sold art:

"Utan titel" oljemålning, 1990

"Utan titel" oljemålning, 1991

"Stark Maria" fotografik, 1997

"Gravid" skulptur i lera, 2006

"Torso" skulptur i lera, 2006

“Kroki 1”, tuschteckning, 2017

“Kroki 2”, tuschteckning, 2017

"Fågel 1", akvarell, 2020

"Fågel 2", akvarell, 2020

"Fågel 3", akvarell, 2020

"Ros", akvarell, 2020

"Hus", akvarell, 2020

“Hus 2”, akvarell, 2021

“hemligheter”, akvarell, 2021

"Nycklar 1", akvarell, 2020

"Nycklar 2", akvarell, 2020

"Cirklar", akvarell, 2020

“Min”, akvarell, 2020

“Kråkan”, akvarell, 2020

“Koltrastar i vårljus”, akvarell, 2021

“hemligheter”, akvarell, 2021

Utensils in ceramic:

Mugs, bowls, jugs, pots, tea-pots